Muhammad ash-Shahhat Abdulhamid Muhammad al-Jindi

University rector, professor, doctor


Nur-Mubarak University is a new milestone in the long-interrupted religious brotherhood between Kazakhstan and the Arab Republic of Egypt.The university, opened 19 years ago, has already managed to train more than a thousand qualified specialists necessary for our country and religion. The more work training and assimilation of knowledge require, the more its fruit manifests itself within the country. The connection of Nur-Mubarak University with Al-Azhar University with a world-famous thousand-year history is a sign of a firm step into a great future. Nur-Mubarak University was opened in 2001, and the history of Al-Azhar dates back to 988, that is, students from more than 100 countries of the world study at the university, which opened 1030 years ago. Since the Kazakh country has been adhering to the Abu Hanifa mausoleum for centuries, scientists from Al-Azhar University, characteristic of this masterpiece, are selected for our university. At this university, we intend to further develop the work of colleagues who served before me, train qualified and knowledgeable specialists, serve our religion, strengthen friendship between the two countries. We hope that the link between the two countries on the way to education will enhance the close relationship between new research projects in the Islamic world and the two states and contribute to the benefit of the entire Muslim community!"

With respect to, Rector, professor, Dr. Muhammad al-Shahkhat Abdulhamid Muhammad al-Jindi


Name: Muhammed al-Shahhat al-Jindi

Position and work: professor of Islamic Shariah, rector of Nur-Mubarak Egyptian University of Islamic Culture, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Experience and activities:

  • Member of the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar, former secretary of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of the Ministry of Egypt.
  • Member of specialized national councils under the Administration of the President of the Republic.
  • Member of the 2013 Egyptian Constitution Drafting Committee.
  • Former Dean of the Faculty of Law, Helwan University.
  • Former Dean of the Faculty of Law at the International Islamic University. Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Member of the Commission for the Promotion of Professors of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.
  • Оның исламдық заң ғылымдары мен салыстырмалы құқық бойынша көптеген кітаптары бар. Олардың арасында магистрлік диссертация: Халықаралық құқық пен ислам шариғатындағы халықаралық дауларды шешудің бейбіт құралдары. Докторлық диссертация: Халықаралық құқық пен исламдық құқық саласындағы экономикалық даму ережелері. Бұдан өзге 25-ке тарта жарық көрген кітаптардың авторы, сонымен қатар ағылшын тілінде Отбасы құқығы атты кітабы бар, ағылшын тіліндегі аудармалары мен ғылыми еңбектері де жарық көрді.

Rector's annual reports each year

Nur-Mubarak University in the academic year 2018-2019 in Kazakhstan and Central Asia to become the best educational center for Islamic education, education,
асыру мақсатында білім беру, ғылыми-зерттеу, уағыз-насихат және қоғамдық іс-шараларға байланысты, төмендегідей жұмыстарды атқарды

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