Religious Studies Department

Department history

- The Department of Religious Studies functioned as part of the Department of "Humanities and Natural Sciences" of NMU until 2011. Year of Independent launcing of the Department: 2011.

- Number of Staff: 19. Including 3 Full Doctors - Professors, 5 Candidates of Science - associate professors, 3 PhD Associate Professor, 8 Master's Degree.

- 2011-2014 – Head of the Department of" Religious Studies", PhD doctor of Theological Sciences Adilbayev Alau Shaikimovich;

- 2014-2020 – Head of the Department of" Religious Studies", PhD, Associate Professor Yerzhan Kalmakhan Seitovich.  Yerzhan Kalmakhan Seitovich.

- Since September 2020, the head of the department is PhD, Associate Professor Zhumashova Zhuldyz Amanbayevna.

Goals and objectives of the specialty "Religion"

      Training of highly qualified specialists - PhD Doctors who have mastered the scientific and theoretical foundations of religious studies, directions, methods of scientific research, have a deep knowledge of the history of religions, teachings and features of worship;

      Training of specialists in public institutions, research centers, mass media and other structures;
     Ensuring that graduates do not succumb to religious fanaticism, avoiding issues of religious extremism and terrorism that threaten national security.

Scientific direction of the department

- Teachers of the Department participate in international, National, University Scientific and practical conferences and publish books on behalf of the University Publishing House.
- Textbooks:" state-confessional relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan"," Judaism"," history of Comparative Religions"," Koran and Orientalism"," history of Islam"," School of Hanafi madhhab and Maturidi Akida in Central Asia","Islamic Akida".

- The academic degree of the department is 62%.
- In addition to teaching at the Department of Religious Studies, highly qualified specialists such as Sh.T. Kerim, A. R. Almukhametov, K. A. Zatov, K. S. Yerzhan, B. B. Khamzeeva, D. A. Sikhimbayeva, M. B. Isakhan, A. K. Dyusenbayeva, Zh.Bulan, Zh. Zh.Ishmakhanov, E. N. Yessimkulov, T. A. Barakbayeva, T. Imamumadi, B. Sh. Abdulkhakim, E. Mazhiuli, A. E. Abubakirova conduct scientific and educational work.
- Development of textbooks and teaching aids in the field of religious studies covering the topics of basic science and the state that meets modern public demand and religion, sociology of religion, comparative religion, Islamic history and the scientific heritage of the Hanafi madhhab and the Maturidi School of faith in Central Asia;
- Scientific and legal analysis of the phenomenon of religious radicalism and extremism, consulting on the direction of prevention and rehabilitation;
- Development of educational programs and methodological complexes for Religious Studies in accordance with modern requirements;
- Organization of scientific seminars, round tables and conferences;
- Scientific supervision of students ' theses and scientific projects/dissertations.


Number of Staff: 19.

Including 3 Full Doctors - Professors, 5 Candidates of Science - associate professors, 3 PhD Associate Professor, 8 Master's Degree.