Department of Humanitarian disciplines

Department history

  Established: in 2001.

     Head Departments Doctor of Philological Sciences Sh. Kaliyeva (2001-2003), PhD Doctor А. Adilbayev (2003-2007), Doctor of Philosophical Sciences B. Beisenov (2007-2008), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Sh. Bainesh (2008-2018 ).

      Since 2018 the Head Department is Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associated Professor, Kapasova Dariga Armanovna.

     The Department Staff: 16. There are 10 Candidates of Science, 1 PhD, Senior teachers 4, Master’s Degree 1. 


 - Training of highly qualified, versatile specialists with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills;
- Scientific and methodological support of the educational process;

      Effective use of innovative teaching methods and technologies in the learning process in order to improve the quality of students' education;
     Development of scientific and cognitive abilities of students, comprehensive information of students about the current cultural, spiritual, socio-economic and environmental situation in the country.

Scientific direction of the department

Topical issues in the field of psychology, economics, history, pedagogy, information and communication technologies; Methods of teaching Russian-Kazakh languages.

Educational work is one of the priorities of the department and is carried out through the following activities:
• Organization and holding of language weeks at the University;
• The work of the historical circle "Young Scientist";
• Organization and holding of university Olympiads in Russian and Kazakh languages;
• Moral and ethical education with students, behavior in public places, the culture of communication in the team, academic performance, etc. conversations on issues;
• Visits to exhibitions, museums, theaters.

The main functions of the Department of Humanities

The research activity of the department is based on the concept of formation of professional competence and includes the development of methodological bases of teaching, the introduction of advanced technologies, the formation of personality and increasing the intensity of communication approaches.

Areas of research work at the department:

a) topical issues of psychology, economics, history, pedagogy and information and communication technologies;

b) theory and methods of language teaching.

Educational and methodical activity of the department is aimed at the development, substantiation and implementation of a comprehensive system of humanities education, providing professional training for specialists in Islamic studies, theology, philology.
In order to improve the quality of teaching the humanities, teachers of the department regularly organize educational and scientific seminars, trainings, as well as round tables on topical issues of history of Kazakhstan, computer science, ecology, psychology, as well as methods of teaching Kazakh and Russian languages. Teachers of the department actively participate in international and national scientific conferences. Teachers of the department regularly publish textbooks and electronic textbooks, manuals, lecture notes, monographs, publish articles in scientific journals. Educational and methodical work of the department is regulated by the necessary documents: educational standards, curricula for all disciplines, job descriptions and work plan of the department.


The Department Staff: 16.

There are 10 Candidates of Science, 1 PhD, Senior teachers 4, Master’s Degree 1.