Competition of anti-corruption ideas and projects among young people

Dear applicants, students and graduates of all levels of education, employees of the PI EUIK Nur-Mubarak

We ask you to be sensitive to violations of ethics and manifestations of corruption and report any, even the slightest, facts to the feedback channels.

Report corruption violations and unethical actions

Please indicate in your request:

- the area of ​​activity in which the violation occurred

- describe the content of the violation and the facts known to you;

- indicate the faculty (department), scientific and practical center and structural unit of the university in which the violation occurred

- say your name;

– enter your coordinates for feedback (optional).

We draw your attention to the fact that the essence of the message should clearly show the facts known to you, and not unfounded suspicions. We expect your help and information about actually committed or planned illegal actions, which may be subject to an internal investigation. It is important for us to get an idea of ​​the extent of the violation. Any reports of abuses at the university are important, because even small, but often committed violations often cause no less serious damage than a one-time and large crime.

Please note that the form below should not be used:

- to disseminate deliberately false and discrediting the honor and dignity of university employees;

- to settle personal scores, revenge;

- out of hooligan motives.

You can also confidentially contact the Compliance Officer - Commissioner for Ethics at the following contact details:


Ethics and anti-corruption hotline: +7 747 333 71 72

Email address:

WhatsApp/Telegram +7 747 333 71 72

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