Into the future together with global colleagues...

      Nur-Mubarak EIM University is a higher educational institution that raises the flag and lays the foundation of the knowledge and science of the Islamic religion in Kazakhstan. In its 20-year history, it has risen to the status of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other universities in the world. One of the proofs of this is establishing cooperation relations with institutes at the international level, training specialists and finding mutual harmony in improving the qualifications of teachers. 
      Muslims of Kazakhstan are in close contact with foreign educational institutions together with their religious administration. In addition to monitoring Kazakh students studying abroad, it is constantly developing relations with partner universities.


Plans and organizes events for the development of international relations at the university

Determines the general procedure for organizing the academic mobility of students and scientific trips of employees. 


Development of a strategic development plan and determination of development priorities. Determining methods and means of achieving goals

  •   Plans and organizes events for the development of international relations at the university;
  •      Ensuring participation in international educational exhibitions;
  •  Participation in the development and signing of cooperation agreements with foreign partners in the field of education and science;
  •  Conducting joint scientific research, preparation of scientific projects at the international level;
  •   Support employees and employees in organizing foreign trips;
  •  Providing academic mobility of students, teaching staff, university employees, as well as settlement, registration on attracting, advising and organizing students from higher educational institutions to study at Nur-Mubarak school;
  •       Creation, promotion and strengthening of international cooperation and agreements;


On questions about international cooperation

Kenshilik Aigerim Kairatovna
Head of the Department of Strategic Development and International Relations